Apple Blocks ChatGPT Update to Email Application

Credit – Economic Times

Cetoex News – The Wall Street Journal has reported that Apple has blocked a ChatGPT update to its email application. Specifically, the tech giant has expressed concern over the potential for the AI-powered program to generate content inappropriate for children who may be using the app.

The report noted that conversations between Apple and the app developer initiated the delayed approval of the update. Moreover, the email application was sent to introduce a version of OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model.

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Apple Delays ChatGPT Update Amidst Concerns

Over the last month, ChatGPT has been the viral sensation taking over the tech world. Blowing away users with its advanced capabilities, the OpenAI developed program has ignited interest in generative AI systems, and developed competition in the budding market.

Conversely, one tech staple isn’t so keen on introducing the technology just yet. the Wall Street Journal has reported that Apple blocked a ChatGPT update to its email application. Specifically, the delay in approval was due to the AI-powered technology potentially generating content that would be deemed inappropriate for children.

The email app in question, BlueMail, was set to use OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model but was blocked last week. Alternatively, Ben Volach, the co-founder of BlueMail’s developer, has said the app was unfairly targeted by the company. Additionally stating that higher age restrictions could be implemented.

Yahoo noted that Apple is reportedly looking into the complaint. Thereafter, noting developers are granted the chance to challenge rejections through an App Review Board process.