Elon Musk is a real evil?

credit – thedailybeast.com

Cetoex News – Elon Musk, popularly known as Iron Man, looks like a very sweet person, but is he really? Elon Musk is surrounded by controversies every other day, just a few days ago he was embroiled in a dispute with Apple. But that dispute was resolved by talks between Apple and Elon. Once again the Elon did something like this from which he again in the headlines.

What did the Elon do?

The account on Twitter that known by the name of Elojet has been suspended by elon musk

What did ElonJet do?

ElonJet is a social media account tracking the real-time private plane usage of Elon Musk. The account, created by Jack Sweeney using public data, is hosted on Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Truth Social, and Mastodon, and formerly on Twitter, where the account had about 530,000 followers.

credit – newyorkpost.com

What is Elon Saying?

Elon called this account a threat to his security and said that anyone can track me from this account by Such a person used to run many such accounts like Markjet, Jeffjet and many more accounts. But they have been removed from Twitter, calling everyone a threat.

What is the point?

Before buying Twitter, Elon had offered $5k to that person to close this account but he refused. After buying Twitter, the Elon had said that nothing would be done to its account. But just a few days ago, people did not find his account in people’s search. not letting his tweets reach the people Problem stood up for the account. But the person said that you can block me on Twitter but you cannot block me on other social media platforms.