Is the Crypto Market Over now?

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These days there was a huge fall in the crypto market: We saw Btc for the first time at $16000. The question is: Will Btc go down again? If truth be told, According to some experts, at the end of the year btc will drop to $14000.But the question is why this is happening but there is a reason for this decline. FTX And binance.

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But why binance and ftx?

binance is the world's largest crypto exchange company or ftx is the world's third largest company.People were surprised when the binance announced to buy the FTX, the thought in the mind of the people was that what is the benefits of buying the FTX to the binance. the main reson of down fall is this then binance think why FTX is selling himself then they 
got to know the US intelligence agency is Investigeting FTX in using customers money illegally. they don't have 8 billion Dollars to give the customers than binance forbede forbid to buy the FTX than customers 
scared and they start withdrawing the money that's why this down fall came
there is no idea when this down fall end.