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When Tamadoge Coin Was Launched?

TamaDoge is about to make its first appearance on a top-tier crypto exchange OKX. The date is set for the 27th of September, and it will be the first listing for the newest meme coin on the markets. The official TamaDoge presale was a huge success, as the platform sold all 1 billion tokens months ahead of schedule.

Tamadoge coin Price?

When Tamadoge Coin was created, its price was $0.0249, then it reached $0.1862 on October 2022, which was a big deal. Than Tamadoge coin’s Bad Times Later Started Tamadoge coin Price From $0.1862 started falling and within a year reached today’s $0.0249.

How much profit has Tamadoge Coin made so far?

  • All Time

In the days of launch, the price of Tamadoge coin has increased very fast, and since the month of October, there has been a huge drop in the price of Tamadoge, and after this drop, there has been no loss or damage to the initial customers of Tamadoge coin. But the customers of Tamadoge Coin in the month of October suffered a lot If Tamadoge Coin is compared from its inception till date, it is profitable till date.

  • Market cap

Tamadoge Coin had a market cap of $200,897,738 in its initial days. Later it fell to $32756934 dollars, but as told in live, the market cap of Tamadoge Coin has fallen again to $21,681,633.