The Most Profitable coin in last days

Cetoex News – Zombie Innu is a meme coin which is not in the eyes of many people. Today Cetoex News will tell you what type of coin is Zombie Innu and when it was launched. and many more.

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When was Zombie inu coin lounched?

YourPop and Dale, along with a team of professional marketers and artists, developed Zombie Inu in October 2021.

Zombie inu price?

In today’s time the price of Zombie Inu Coin is $0.0000000000257 but it is also not less. Few months ago it was giving 1000% return but later it started declining. Later it stopped, after that the price of Zombie Inu Coin is increasing, according to Cetoex, it will again reach its previous level in the coming days.

How much profit has Zombie inu Coin made so far?

  • In one Day

in one day zombie coin has given return of 2%

  • In 7 Days

in 7 day zombie coin has given return of 60% This is not a small amount it means if you had invested 100, you would have got 120

How many Zombie Inu coins are there?

It has a circulating supply of 580 Trillion ZINU coins and a total supply of 1 Quadrillion.