World Most Expensive Nft Arts

We Will See Top 5 Most Expansive NFT Arts Ever Sold Till now .

#5 Sporty Men

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This NTF Was Sold in $7.67million Dollars.

#4 — Sporty Men Pro

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This NFT is Same As Sporty Men’s NFT But it Has Hat to, That Was Sold In $11.75million Dollars.

#3 — 3D Video of Sculpture

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That Was a 3D Video of Sculpture, it Sold in $30 Million Dollars.

#2 — full art collection

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That Was The NFT Of Full Collection Of The Artist, That Was Sold in $69 Million Dollars.

#1 — Number 1

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On The Number 1 is This NFT, That Was Sold in $92 Million Dollars.