Amazon is also Following The Trend?

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We are all seeing these days that many big companies are firing their employees from the companies because all the companies say that they do not need them or something else. A few days back, Meta and Twitter fired thousands of their employees. If we talk about Twitter, then Twitter has fired 90% of its employees, which is not a small thing for such a big company. and now Amazon is also following the trend.

Reasons why companies lay off employees?

The reasons that most companies who have given a public statement following the announcement of mass layoffs are thatĀ they hired many employees during the pandemic when people spent most of their time online, as opposed to now when the boom is starting to fade as they get back to their daily lives

Amazon fired how many employees?

After Meta and Twitter, Amazon has become another Big Tech company to lay off thousands of workers and the process to eliminateĀ 10,000 employees, or 3 per cent of its workforce, kicked off at the company, the media reported.