Apple Is leaving China?

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Cetoex News – Apple is such a company that there is hardly anyone who does not know that Apple is very famous for its expensive products. And there is no need to tell why they are so expensive because it is a very well-known company. Apple makes its products in only a few countries of the world, one of them is a very famous country in China. Apple makes its products in China because the labor is very cheap. And Now Fresh news coming out From China Apple is about to leave China Today we will know why Apple is leaving China?

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What Apple is Saying?

Apple is telling suppliers to plan more actively for assembling Apple products elsewhere in Asia. Burned by Covid lockdowns and worker protests at Foxconn plants, the iPhone maker is looking to diversify the supply chain. Due to the reason of Apple leaving China, Apple’s products may become more expensive in the coming time.

What Happened With Apple in China?

The company’s dependence on China has been viewed as a major weak spot in its supply chain, particularly amid COVID lockdowns and geopolitical tensions. Apple has also been criticized for cozying up to China authorities for secret deals and investments in the Chinese economy


What was Apple’s forward thinking?

When Apple gave Taiwan’s chip to China, China said that they should only work on Made in China’s chip, otherwise they would not assemble Apple’s product. Apple said that we cannot live on this dependency for long, so from 2024 we will work only on Made in USA Chip or Made in Europe Chips. Apple says that if China attacks Taiwan in the future, then our supply chain will be broken and our product will be sorted in the market.

Why are companies pulling out of China?

The shift is a response to growing concerns about the geopolitical tensions and pandemic-induced supply chain disruptions that have involved China in the last few years.