Amazon Is Buying our browsing history


Cetoex News – We all know that all the big companies buy our browsing history. None of our things are private in today’s time, all our information is available online, any person or company can buy our information. And whatever information a company or person needs, they can know about it. And then the companies will show us only those ads about which we were searching, so that more products of any company can be sold in less investment.

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By the way, all companies take data from us for free, if they have to pay, then they give it to the company from which they are buying data. But Amazon has announced a new plan, if the user wants, he can save his data by taking money himself, then Amazon will not give money to the companies from which Amazon was earlier buying data But according to this plan, Amazon users will be given only $ 2, but people say that they will not sell their data for only $2, the demand of people is at least $ 20

How do I protect my privacy on Amazon?

Go to Your Profile. Select Edit your profile. Select Edit privacy settings to make your changes. Select Save.