Baby Doge to Be Listed on a Top 5 Exchange, Price Reacts

Baby Doge to Be Listed on a Top 5 Exchange, Price Reacts

Cetoex News – The meme coin trend originated with Dogecoin and subsequently led to the launch of many other coins. While not all of these meme coins have garnered community support, Baby Doge has distinguished itself through its developments and gained the respect of its supporters.

CoinGecko currently ranks Baby Doge Coin 91st in global market capitalization. The meme coin team recently announced on Twitter that the coin will soon be listed on a top 5 cryptocurrency exchange, although they have not revealed which one. The community is already speculating about which exchange it could be.

Baby Doge to be listed on a top 5 exchange

Following the news of the listing, the price of the meme coin has spiked by over 50.9%. At press time, Baby Doge is trading at $0.000000003620 with a 7.3% gain in value over the last 24 hours, according to CoinGecko data.

However, it is unsure whether it is short-lived hype or the beginning of another 100%+ rally.

Perhaps Baby Doge has previously exhibited similar performances based on announcements. It is worth mentioning that the price surge coincides with a period where other assets in the market are experiencing gains. It is currently uncertain whether the price of the asset will experience an additional increase following the announcement of the exchange where it will be listed.