Diamond Hands — Where Does it Come From and What Does it Mean?

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People who are involved in the cryptocurrency realm are frequently exposed to a variety of interesting slang. Some of these slang terms that cryptocurrency investors or traders may have run into include HOLD, FUD, DYOR, Moon, Rekt, and more.

“Diamond Hands” is one such expression that a trader or investor frequently hears. Let’s examine these “hands” and their historical context.

Diamond Hands

Diamond Hands – the Origin

The term “Diamond Hands” is thought to have first appeared in 2018. The phrase was first used on Reddit in the r/WallStreetBets subreddit, which is where everything started. Initially, the term was used to refer to highly volatile investments like meme stocks and cryptocurrencies.

Despite the fact that the term was first used in 2018, it really began to catch on in 2021. When the GameStop stock surge was first announced on the Reddit forum, the term really took off like wildfire.

What does it mean?

Typically, “Diamond Hands” are used to illustrate a trader’s risk tolerance. Diamond Hands are those who keep their investments in place despite market conditions. The slang typically refers to a trader’s ability to withstand any kind of risk.

A trader who exhibits “Diamond Hands” will not panic sell regardless of how the price of the stock or token fluctuates.

Long-term holdings of potential coins or stocks are generally regarded as a smart move. Under the pressure of the market, holding onto a potential coin may potentially convert your investment into a diamond. On the other hand, a wise trader or investor needs a well-thought-out plan that will enable them to profit in both bull and bear markets.