Google CEO Says Search Engine Will Get ChatGPT-Like Integration

Cetoex News – Following the path that Microsoft has taken with the OpenAI chatbot, Google CEO Sundar Pichai has stated that the search engine will soon get a ChatGPT-like integration. Moreover, the CEO says it plans to support conversational capabilities in its dominant search engine, much like Microsoft’s Bing did earlier this year.

Competing with Microsoft, Google has set out to become a major player in the generative AI arms race. Subsequently, they are seeking out ways to similarly integrate that technology within a wide range of its products and offerings, as Microsoft has done successfully.

Google Search Engine to Get AI Support

The AI arms race is in full bloom following the tremendous reception to OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Now, as Microsoft has already seen a vast array of its products integrated with the research firm generative AI, its greatest competitor in the space is following suit.

Specifically, the Wall Street Journal has reported Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s promise that the search engine will get ChatGPT-like integration. Similarly, Microsoft integrated the actual chatbot technology into its Bing search engine to a positive reception from users.

Source: Toms Guide

Additionally, the search engine integration of Google’s own generative AI, Bard, will not only implement conversation abilities, but image generation. Alternatively, Google’s offerings in the AI space have been less well-received than the industry’s Microsoft counterpart. Yet, there seems to be hoped that through the wide-ranging dominance of Google as a search engine option, its AI integration will be more widely utilized.

Google’s search engine generates more than half of Alphabet Inc.’s total revenue. Thus, some have raised concerns over their willingness to tinker with what is clearly abundantly successful. Conversely, Pichai has assured that the continued integration of the chatbot poses no threat to the already immensely successful search engine.