HEX Creates New ’16 Month High’ Record: Details

Cetoex News – The crypto market has been gradually recovering. Over the past day, the aggregated market cap of all the assets rose by 1.7% to claim $1.14 trillion. However, a few crypto assets like HEX have been shedding value. A recent tweet by Santiment brought to light that the “polarizing asset” has fallen by 72% in 7 weeks. Nevertheless, the asset remains to be the “top trending keyword” in crypto. In fact, HEX-related address activity is currently at its highest level since January 2023. Santiment pointed out,

“The 16-month high activity spike is a mix of both panic sells & dip buys.”

Source: Santiment

State of HEX investors

At this stage, it is interesting to note that the PulseChain blockchain and its native DeFi swap PulseX went live on Saturday, May 13, 2023. However, the project’s native token PLS is yet to debut. As Watcher Guru recently reported, HEX turned green right after the PulseChain blockchain launch.