List Your Crypto Coin in Free By Voting, How?


Cetoex News – We all know that listing is a very expensive job but someone tells you that the listing will be done for free. So maybe you will not believe him, if I assure you that it is true that the listing will be done for free, then will it be necessary to get free listing done? Maybe some of you may still not believe it, but it is true that with Cetoex’s voting system, you can get your coin listed on Cetoex’s platform for free.

What is Cetoex and the Cetoex Voting System?

What is Cetoex?

CetoEX is a cryptoasset exchange. Their volume over the last 24 hours is $194,463. Cetoex Has more than 20k followers on Twitter, Cetoex has earned a name for itself in no time. And now there is great news coming from the team of Cetoex they are going to list the coin for free. How?

What is Cetoex Voting System?

Voting System is a product of Cetoex by which you can get your coin listed on Cetoex for free.

Here is Proses

You need to go to the voting portal of Cetoex Then select the name of your coin, symbol, blockchain name, launch date, category and post it. Later many coins will be displayed on the voting portal and voting will be done on all those coins. In the end, the coin which will win in the voting will be given the listing of that coin according to its statement.

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