Meta Employee Buys $3,00,000 Lease on Cruise Ship to Work While Sailing Across World

Cetoex News – Meta employee buys 12-year lease aboard MV Narrative. (Representational photo: Reuters)

Meta Reality Labs employee Austin Wells has bought a 12-year lease aboard a condo on a mega cruise ship called MV Narrative.

Cetoex News – AMeta employee is living the dream: travelling around the world on a cruise ship while working remotely. It’s an introvert’s fever dream that few can afford but Austin Wells, an employee of Meta’s Reality Labs, is living it. Wells has bought a 12-year lease aboard a condo on a mega cruise ship called MV Narrative, reported Moneycontrol. The ship has over 500 private apartments and rooms. “The thing that most excites me is I don’t have to upend my daily routine, in order to go see the world,” Wells told CNBC.

Wells said he wanted to move on from a model of taking a flight and packing a bag to go somewhere, to one where his condo, gym, doctors, dentists, grocery stores all travel the world with him. His 12-year lease for the entry-level apartment on the cruise ship cost him a whopping $3,00,000 approximately.

The most lavish residency on MV Narrative is called ‘Global’. Wells’ is a more modest one called ‘Discover’, which has a folding bed, pantry and shower room. He would also be able to use a co-working space, gym, spa, medical services and 24-hour room service. MV Narrative is being built by Storylines and will get sailing in in 2025. Wells plans to stay on the ship for at least three years as it travels around the world.

That certainly is some way to shake things up in order to fend off the inevitable workplace boredom. For instance, an Irish Rail employee in Dublin recently sued his bosses for making him do “nothing”. Dermot Alastair Mills, a finance manager at the company, claimed that he was too bored after being sidelined and given no work to do after he blew the whistle on irregular accounting issues at the company. Mills earned £105,000 a year. Most of his time at the job was spent reading the newspaper, taking walks and eating sandwiches, reported Daily Mail. While Irish Rail had not contested that Mills had made a protected disclosure, they claimed that he had not been penalised for the same.