Microsoft Says Chinese Hackers Compromised Critical US Infrastructure

Cetoex News – The tech giant Microsoft has stated that Chinese government-backed hackers have attacked and compromised critical US infrastructure. Moreover, the company stated that the attack targeted several different sectors and was intended to gather intelligence.

Microsoft issued an official advisory regarding a hacker group named Volt Typhoon. Subsequently, the Chinese collective has been operating since the middle of 2021 and is working to threaten communicative infrastructures between the US and Asia.

Microsoft Warns of Chinese Hacker Threat 

In a rather concerning development, Microsoft has said that a group of Chinese government-backed hackers compromised critical US infrastructure. Moreover, these hackers have sought to interfere with “critical communications infrastructure between the United States and Asia” in order to hinder efforts during “future crises.”

According to the statement, the cyberattacks are ongoing. Additionally, Microsoft urged its affected users to “close or change credentials for all compromised accounts.” Subsequently, the tech giant stated the group maintains the ability to infiltrate cyber defense measures through a cybersecurity suite called Fortiguard. 

Source: Business Telegraph

Then, the hacker group uses its acquired access to steal consumer credentials in an attempt to gain access to different corporate suites, Microsoft said. Alternatively, the company notes that the group is not yet looking to create disruption. However, they “intend to perform espionage and maintain access without being detected for as long as possible.” 

Infrastructure in nearly every critical sector has been affected, the company said. Among these are the communications and transport industries. Moreover, government organizations have also been targeted by the group. Conversely, the official statement discusses a host of detection tools, and defense efforts employed by the company.