Ripple CTO Raises Doubts on Uniswap’s Decentralized Nature

Ripple CTO Raises Doubts on Uniswap's Decentralized Nature

Cetoex News – Ripple’s Chief Technology Officer, David Schwartz, has recently dropped his two cents on the decentralized nature of Uniswap. Schwartz has recently taken to Twitter to comment on some of his thoughts on Uniswap and its decentralization.

Ripple’s CTO dropped his thoughts on Lefteris Karapetsas’s tweet, the founder of Rotkiapp. Karapetssa claimed that Uniswap is not open-source and that it was released under a Business Software License (BSL). He also stated that some projects open-source their work and pretend to be decentralized.

Ripple CTO says Uniswap is not decentralized

Schwartz commented on the tweet, stating that Uniswap is not decentralized, linking to one of his earlier tweets regarding his tweet on Uniswap v3. He also shared the opinion that the platform’s decentralization could be called into question if there exists a situation where an individual or group holds the legally enforceable authority to dictate usage parameters to others.

This series of statements comes after Uniswap unveiled its roadmap for Uniswap v4. Uniswap launched its services in November 2018. It provides decentralized financial services based on the Ethereum blockchain. The exchange had grown to become one of the most significant decentralized exchanges. Uniswap also recently launched on the BNB chain after the proposal passed with flying colors.