Top 5 Alternatives of Midjourney AI for Art Generation


Cetoex News – Midjourney is one popular AI art generator that lets you make dreamlike pictures. It is considered one of the must-have applications in a business’s tech stack for its ability to streamline business processes, maximize profitability and reduce costs. However, if art generation is the only purpose several options are available. Here are the top 5 alternatives of Midjourney AI

Point E

Point-E is a machine learning system that creates a 3D object given a text prompt in one to two minutes on a single Nvidia V100 GPU, in contrast to text-conditional 3D object generation, which can take multiple GPU hours to produce a single sample.


ARTSIO lets you search, discover prompts and quickly remix/create your own AI image using Stable Diffusion and DALLE-2. It is possible to search for appropriate AI art using image insights and aesthetic scores extracted from AI models.


PromptShake is a visual programming tool for engineering complex prompts and prompt chains. PromptShake supports multiple language models and can be used to create, edit, test, and debug prompts.

Discuro AI

An all-in-one platform that allows building, test and consume AI workflows through Open AI. All that you have to do is define your work in Discuro’s UI, invoke via API, and extract data out of GPT-3 and DALLE-2.


This alternative helps in generating high quality AI art prompts for platforms like Midjourney. It is highly interactive and is an easy to use interface. With its help you can have your own repositive of quality prompts and will be able to assign images to prompts for easy retreival.