Twitter Will Sell User Names in Online Auctions?

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Cetoex News – The New York Times has reported that Twitter is considering the idea of selling user names in online auctions. The prospect has been floated among the company as a potential revenue stream, according to the initial report.

The plan would see the Elon Musk-owned social media platform begin ridding the platform of more than 1.5 billion inactive users. Thus, clearing up potential user names that would be sold to prospective users.

Twitter Sees User Names as Potential Revenue Stream

Twitter is among the most prominent social media platforms in the world. Yet, it has been well documented to be facing financial concerns, even after Elon Musk’s $44 billion purchase of the network. Now, the company is looking at other sources of income for the platform.

The New York Times has now reported one of the most interesting, as Twitter has considered selling user names in online auctions. The report claims that Twitter has thought through the process as a way to generate revenue for the brand, according to two insiders.

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Moreover, the report notes that the idea of selling user names has been discussed since December. Engineers at the platform suggest the implementation of online auctions where prospective accounts can bid for the names.

Currently, it is unknown whether or not the project could move forward or just how much that would affect revenue for the platform. How it would affect current and future Twitter users is also unknown. However, the idea comes after Musk stated his desire to start eliminating inactive accounts on the platform. This process would free up as many as 1.5 billion potential user names. Conversely, many of those will have little to no value, outside of the ones designating well-known people or brands.