5 Crypto going to Fly in Coming Days?

As We All Know crypto is all about buying and selling and And if we know that the price of which coin is going to increase, then we can earn good profit, today we will learn about some such predictions.


FightOut is a new crypto project aiming to revolutionize the Move-To-Earn industry. Its goal is to motivate users to stay active by rewarding them with REPS tokens. That way, users will improve their health while earning valuable tokens.


Once they earn enough REPS tokens, users can exchange them for native FGHT coins or mint them into NFTs. FightOut will work as a smartphone app, similar to STEPN, but it will offer more exercise choices and higher rewards. Anyone can start earning tokens as soon as they buy a virtual pair of sneakers that monitors their progress in real-time.

Make sure to visit the official FightOut site to learn more about the many features that separate this platform from all others that use M2E mechanics. FGHT tokens are available in presale, so invest today and you’ll enjoy the highest returns in the future.



Dash2Trade is a unique crypto analytics and social trading platform designed to streamline crypto trading, reduce risk, and allow users to invest with more confidence.

Dash 2 Trade will change the entire industry by introducing an all-in-one dashboard that makes it easy to find the best investment options, review social sentiment surrounding projects, and much more. The platform will find the best deals, send trading signals in real-time, and simplify the otherwise time-consuming process of market analysis.

The platform’s native token, D2T, is used to purchase paid subscriptions. The Starter pack will cost 400 D2T, while the Premium version with all features unlocked will require 1,000 tokens every month. Users who opt for premium subscriptions will get valuable insights that will tip the odds in their favor, increasing ROI while reducing overall risk.

Dash 2 Trade had a hugely successful token presale that ended months before the schedule. It was supposed to have nine stages but will end after stage four. There are still a few million tokens left, so hurry up and invest in the world’s best crypto analytics platform.


C+ Charge is another new crypto project that entered presale recently. It’s another unique platform designed to cater to a fast-growing multi-billion electric vehicle industry. Namely, it will reward individual EV owners with carbon credits every time they charge or drive their vehicles.


It will feature a built-in carbon credit exchange where users can swap the credits they earn for native CCHG tokens. Now, this is where the project gets interesting, once the users get CCHG tokens, they can use them to pay for electric vehicle charging services anywhere in the world.

Not only will the user reduce their carbon footprint and help battle green gas effects, they will also be able to pay for charging services without spending a single cent! CCHG tokens are available in presale right now, so invest today and secure a spot among the earliest investors to get the highest returns in the future.

4. IMPT.io (IMPT)

IMPT.io is the world’s greenest crypto project. It’s a truly unique platform with a noble goal. Namely, IMPT aims to spread awareness about carbon pollution and provide the world with a system that allows users and multinational corporations to track and reduce their carbon footprints.

That’s why IMPT teamed up with over 10,000 recognized worldwide brands, including Microsoft, Amazon, Hugo Boss, Adidas, and many others. Every time users buy something from any partnered brands, they will receive carbon credits. They can then exchange the credits for IMPT tokens within the built-in exchange, or mint them into NFTs for value preservation.

IMPT’s token preseale was a massive success. The platform raised over $20 million a full month ahead of schedule. IMPT tokens became available on multiple CEX/DEX listings since then, and their price is growing steadily. Find IMPT on LBank and become a part of the greenst crypto project that will donate a portion of its income to fund eco-friendly projects worldwide.


Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is also a unique crypto project that will not only surpass Shiba Inu, but also establish itself as one of the best Play-to-Earn platforms on the market. The project is built around a fantastic trading card game that allows users to earn native RIA tokens for winning tournaments and completing various challenges.

The game is designed in a way that ensures that users get full ownership of their resources. RIA tokens are used to upgrade card decks, unlock new characters, and make in-game purchases from the store. Apart from having excellent tokenization and in-game tokenomics, Calvaria offers incredible gameplay, amazing on-screen effects, and much more.


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