Bank of International Settlements Calls Crypto “Structurally” Flawed

Cetoex News – The Bank of International Settlements (BIS) has said that crypto is structurally flawed in a new report released today. Moreover, the report titled, “The Crypto Ecosystem: Key Elements and Risks” shares its perspective on the inherent risks associated with the industry.

Additionally, the BIS report noted that the technology could be used in a “more trusted traditional financial system.” This is despite the fact that the technology works as it is currently constructed. Conclusively stating that the industry is too unstable to become a fixture in international economics. 

The Bank of International Settlements (BIS) has called the cryptocurrency industry structurally flawed in a new report.
Source: Wall Street Journal

BIS Calls Out “Flawed” Crypto

The digital asset industry has seen some impressive development over the last ten years. Beginning as an optimistic and ambitious idea, it has found a significant home in the current financial sector. Moreover, it has developed a reality in which it has room to grow even larger. 

Still, the greater finance sector is not completely sold on the developing technology. Now, the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) has called crypto structurally flawed in a report released today. Indeed, the multilateral organization has taken aim at its current state, and how it believes it could be improved.

“Flaws derive from the underlying incentives of validators rather than from technology,” the report stated. Moreover, they suggest that the technology would be of better use in a “more trusted traditional financial system.”

Source: CNBCTV18

Additionally, the BIS has laid out deviations in two facets of the industry. Specifically, between the vision of decentralization that many in the industry uphold and the reality of the industry as it exists today. Ultimately, using the FTX collapse in 2022 as a justification for its statements

“The sector operates under the banner of decentralization, but in practice, new centralized intermediates have played a key role in channeling funds into the crypto universe and intermediating within it,” the report stated. Thereafter, voicing criticism for the “self-referential” Defi sector. Stating that it has copied from the system created in traditionalized finance.

“Crypto and DeFi pose substantial risks to, especially retail, investors, and its inherent structural flaws make it unsuitable to play a constructive role in the monetary system,” the report remarked. Additionally, stating that the connection between traditional finance and crypto is also a threat. Specifically, labeling it a threat to “monetary sovereignty.” 

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