BRICS Nations De-Dollarization Could Pave the Way for Mass Bitcoin Adoption

Cetoex News – The year has been dominated by headlines regarding the fading US dollar and the rising prominence of the BRICS nations. Moreover, as the GDP of the bloc has surpassed the G7 nations in purchasing power parity, the BRICS nations’ recent de-dollarization efforts could pave the way for mass Bitcoin adoption.

The collective of countries represented by Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa has been adamant about developing a new global reserve currency. Conversely, as the BRICS New Development Bank is hard at work, could the fading dominance of the greenback eventually propel the world’s most prominent crypto into the spotlight? 

The Process of De-Dollarization

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The first requirement for the BRICS nations to eventually pave the way for Bitcoin adoption would be de-dollarization. Decades ago, the United States positioned itself to sustain the relevance of its currency internationally. Subsequently, positioning it as the global reserve currently through Richard Nixon and deals made decades ago.

Now, sanctions against Russia following the war against Ukraine set a choice before the globe. Moreover, many nations had to decide how to work around those sanctions if they’d hope to deal with Russia, presenting an opportunity for the BRICS collective to begin to rise.

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Thus, de-dollarization has been a natural byproduct of that. Specifically, the BRICS collective has sought ways to usurp the power of the US dollar. This action, seen to its completion, could present an opportunity where the purchase of gold reserves and a gold standard become immensely important. 

With the fading prominence of the US dollar and the rising relevance of a host of different currencies, gold could become a truly necessary asset. Moreover, if the dollar’s power continues to fade, it will spell disaster for the US. Specifically, a disaster brought on by inflation and lessening power for the American currency. A disaster that could be answered by a different monetary system. 

Potential Bitcoin Adoption

Why Bitcoin surpassed $30,000 again?
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Subsequently, the fading power of the US dollar is currently coinciding with the growing power of Bitcoin. Thus, if that reality continues, amidst international de-dollarization, Bitcoin could become a vital unit of account.

Bitcoin is a well-known and growing form of digital currency. Additionally, as the dollar could fail, the digital asset would be a prime opportunity for people. Bitcoin and its technology would be a perfect safety net for the individual fearful of the failing domestic currency in the US. 

Source: CryptoSlate

The BRICS nations’ de-dollarization efforts could theoretically provide a path to mass Bitcoin adoption. Conversely, we are just in the infancy of this development, as many expect the greenback to maintain relevance for some time. Yet, the US dollar is set to be one of the biggest losers of 2023, in what has been a rapid decline thus far. 

Only time will tell, but the trajectory of both assets and global economic factors presents an interesting course. Additionally, how the country responds and if Bitcoin can withstand likely CBDC alternatives from the government will be interesting. However, the BRICS nations, de-dollarization, and the relative strength of Bitcoin present an interesting dichotomous situation.