ChatGPT: AI Will “Break Capitalism,” Says CEO Sam Altman

ChatGPT Will ”Break Capitalism,” Says CEO Sam Altman
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Cetoex News – In a somewhat dystopian interview given to Forbes, Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, claimed that his company will be a part of destroying capitalism. OpenAI created ChatGPT, a chatbot technology that was implemented with the goal of helping people have better conversations with chatbots.

ChatGPT has emerged as one of the fastest-growing consumer applications globally. It also triggered the beginning of the artificial intelligence boom in 2023.

Now, in a Forbes interview, reporter Alex Konrad mentioned the space between OpenAI’s foundation and the investor money pouring in, as OpenAI is not yet open-source software.

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ChatGPT CEO says AGI creation is the thrust that drives all his actions

During the interview, Altman stated that the creation of artificial general intelligence is the thrust that drives all his actions. Sam Altman had an interesting response regarding capitalism.

Altman stated that “I think capitalism is awesome. I love capitalism.” “Of all the bad systems the world has, it’s the best one — or the least bad one we’ve found so far. I hope we find a way better one.”

He also continued that if artificial general intelligence truly happens, he can “imagine all these ways that it breaks capitalism.”