Dogecoin (DOGE) Unveils New Upgrade to Improve Accessibility for Non-Developers

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credit – CNBC

Cetoex News – The original meme coin has taken a massive step forward for its mainstream adoption. Specifically, Dogecoin (DOGE) has unveiled a new upgrade to greatly improve accessibility for non-developers, crafting a superior experience for prospective users.

Dogecoin developer Mitch Lumin announced the new Libdogecoin version 0.1.2 following several teases. Lumin explains that the new release “is a big one.” Additionally noting a host of improvements in a long-form Tweet.

Dogecoin Introduces Vital Upgrade

The prevalence of meme coins has been one of the most interesting developments in the digital asset industry. Moreover, Dogecoin stands above hte rest as the original meme coin, while boasting a relevance that is shared by few others in the industry.

Now, the meme coin is set to expand its current offerings in a vital new development. Specifically, Dogecoin (DOGE) has unveiled a new upgrade that will greatly improve the accessibility of the network for non-developers.

Source: The Economic Times

DOGE developer, Mitch Lumin, shared a Tweet regarding the new release of Libdogecoin 0.1.2, with a host of details. Including the support of a “generation of seedphrases to and from keys, in many languages.” Additionally stating, “libdogecoin now properly derives rules, and can produce child keys/addresses.”

Moreover, the upgrade integrates QR Code supporter- generating “on the fly,” and in a host of formats- and message signings. Consequently, the upgrade is seeking to aid those who are new to the industry. Twitter user Mishaboar stated the upgrade aims, “to make developing for Dogecoin easier also for those that do not have big experience with blockchain development.”