Microsoft Researchers Are Testing ChatGPT in Robots

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Cetoex News – The OpenAI-developed chatbot has been a viral sensation and impressed users with its advanced capabilities. In a published paper, Microsoft Researchers are testing ChatGPT technology in robots to essentially use the same program to control mechanical arms and even drones.

ChatGPT is the generative AI program that has taken the tech world by storm since its launch a few months ago. Microsoft has already integrated the technology into its Bing search engine and is now seeing how far it can take it.

Microsoft Studying ChatGPT-Powered Robots

In a paper published this week, Microsoft researchers have revealed they are testing ChatGPT in robots. Moreover, they are noting their desire to “extend the capabilities of chatGPT to robotics, ” in a variety of ways.

The published post showcases this developing technology in action, with mechanical arms and drones providing remedial tasks. Additionally, the post notes the desire for ChatGPT technology to work in “home assistant robots intuitively with language.”

ChatGPT-Creator OpenAI Hires Ex-Google and Meta Employees

Discussing the necessity to use hand-written code to orchestrate robots’ behavior, the post states the desire to change that. Moreover, exploring how to “make natural human robot interactions possible using OpenAI’s new AI language model, ChatGPT.”

“Our goal with this research is to see if ChatGPT can think beyond text,” they stated. Additionally, noting to see if it could eventually, “reason about the physical world to help with robotics task.” A feat that will require teaching ChatGPT how to “solve problems considering the laws of physics, the context of the operating environment, and how the robot’s physical actions can change the state of the world.”